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Results:  RWB Championship     Red Fleet     Blue Fleet    White Fleet      Green Fleet

Gevena's Jacob Zils won the four race regatta by one point over Beulah's Ashley Mueller to take home the coveted Labanauskas Trophy. Fifty one boats competed in the Red White and Blue Championship Fleet with northeastern breezes at 7 to 15 mph.  The event was tightly contested at the top.  None of the top four finishers finished lower than fourth place in a race. Zils, Muller, Plummer (Geneva), and Ackley (Pine) each won a race.  The Championship came down to the final race with Zils finishing second and Mueller finishing one place back in third.  RWB Fleet winners were Zils - Red, Plummer - Blue, and Austin Steiner - White.

In the Green Fleet, thirty two sailors competed in what for most, was their first regatta experience. Jack Plummer of Geneva finished first, followed by Andrew Meinjtes of Madison, and Kai Suh-Pomierski of Geneva. Top finishers for the host club were Cameryn Neudorff, Hailey Greeson, and Christian Connor.

The Lake Beulah Sailing School would like to thank the PROs, Signal Boat, Mark Set, boat launch team, registration, scorer, and lunch crews. Special shout out for our event chair, Nancy Schmidt!