Can we share our love of sailing with you?

The Lake Beulah Sailing School, Inc. (LBSS) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization providing sailing education since 1972. Programs are presented at the Lake Beulah Yacht Club, located at N9220 East Shore Drive in East Troy in southeastern Wisconsin. Programs are designed to provide students with an appreciation of the pleasures of sailing as both a leisure-time and competitive activity; to develop a high degree of competence in the handling and maintenance of equipment; and to teach the importance of sportsmanship, team play, and respect for property. Lessons are offered at various levels from novice to experienced for children and young adults ages 6 to 70. 

We’re very excited about our LBSS instructor group.  We’ve got a stellar cast of coaches:

  • Patrick Schmidt returns for his third summer of coaching following his sophomore year at WISCO. Patrick sails C scows and Lasers.

  • Caroline Skotarzak has completed her sophomore year at WISCO. She is in her third year of coaching with LBSS, possessing both the talent and interest to enable our young sailors to enjoy the sport of sailing. Former X boat skipper, Caroline sails a C scow.

  • Brigit Barr and Ryan Komas are in their second year of coaching following very successful X boat careers. Both may be seen sailing C scows over the course of the summer.

  • Annie Cate Schmidt is in her first year of coaching following both strong X boat and Optimist experiences.


Meet the Instructors / Coaches of the Lake Beulah Sailing School:


Patrick Schmidt



Caroline Skotarzak



Brigit Barr



Ryan Komas



Annie Cate Schmidt


Additional instructors

Throughout the program, LBSS may periodically introduce experienced coaches/sailors to share their diversified experiences with students. We have found this approach to be a leading practice.