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The interactive version below of the 2017 Course & Regatta Calendar has not been updated.  For a PDF version of the calendar, CLICK HERE .

Key Dates

LBSS 2017 Program start

Monday June 5, 2017 - Click here for LBSS Course Descriptions and Registration Forms.

25th annual Lake Beulah Sailing School Optimist Dinghy Regatta

June 26, 2017 – The 25th Annual LBSS Optimist Dinghy Regatta was held for Green Fleet and RWB Championship racing. For results, click here for RWB and here for Green Fleet.

X Boat Training Regatta At Pine 2017 - "TRAP"

Tuesday, June 27 and Wednesday, June 28, Junior and Senior Fleet Combined.

LBSS Amazing Race - FunD Raising

Saturday July 8, 2017 – We thank our generous donors, student volunteers, and participants who supported the Amazing Race. Twelve teams of eight players received their instructions during a competitors briefing at the LBYC. Teams then boarded pontoon boats with designated LBSS drivers. Five local properties were designated as sites for skill challenges. At the sites, twelve sailing school students were allocated to each site where they assisted with docking of boats and timing for each of the nine challenges. While driving back to the yacht club, teams did their best to answer thirty one Lake Beulah trivia questions. Correct answers generated time credits, reducing each team’s skill challenge aggregate time.  Congratulations to the winning race team – Lindy’s Crawlers. Top Trivia Team was Red Eye.

Below are links to the final results, trivia questions/answers, and a few photos from the event.

Results                Trivia Q & A           Photo Gallery

Quad Lakes Regatta - Nagawicka

July 6 & 7, 2017 – This regatta was open to X boat sailors from Beulah, Cedar, Mendota, Nagawicka, Pine, and Oshkosh. Four races were completed with B-99 (Jarecki), B-6 (Barr), and B-3 (Komas) finishing 3, 4, & 5, respectively. Thirty nine boats competed.

GLSS Dinghyfest - Class X, Optimist, Club 420, Laser Radial, Melges 14, & Open BIC

July 10 - 13, 2017 X boats competed on July 10 & 11. Optimists, Laser Radials, and Club 420s competed on July 12. Melges 14 and Open BIC competed on July 13.  

In X Boats, only two races were completed due to lack of sufficient winds.  Bridget & Caroline finished in a tie for 2nd, but lost the tie breaker, thus finishing in 3rd place.  Ryan and Brian also finished in, but lost, a tie for 8th, thus finishing in 9th place. Fifty six boats completed.

In the Optimist class, morning storms forced a long postponement.  Only one race was completed with Ashley finishing 16th.

For the final results of Class X and Opti, click here .  

 Coach Michael with his LBSS Opti team.

Coach Michael with his LBSS Opti team.

X-Treme Regatta – OSHKOSH

July 17 & 18, 2017 – Four races were completed over two days.  On Monday, the students found light winds on Oshkosh, best known for its big waves and breezes.  Tuesday's conditions were closer to expectation - 10 to 15 mph and wave action, making for a perfect training experience for all our of X students. Jonah and Chandler won the regatta with no worse than a 7th place race finish. Bridget and Caroline won a race and finished fifth overall.  With fifty boats on the starting line, Xtreme was a good event for sailors to practice their start, find and maintain clear lanes, and set up at marks for clean roundings. WYA is next up at Pine Lake.

For final results, click here .

WYA X Championship Hosted by Pine Lake Yacht Club

Saturday, July 22 and Sunday, July 23.  Light winds made for challenging racing.  Bridget and Caroline finished sixth overall, followed by Jonah / Chandler in seventh and Augie / William in twelfth. Beulah had eight (8) entries at Pine in the fleet of boats.  Next up are the ILYA Senior and Junior X Fleet Championships at Delavan.

ILYA Class X Championship Regatta  Delavan Lake Yacht Club, 07/26/2017

Entries received after July 10, 2017 will be subject to an additional fee of $20.00 if registration is made online. Onsite registration

day fee is total $130.00. 

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ILYA Optimist Championship Regatta Delavan Lake Yacht Club, 07/31/2017

 All entries must be received or postmarked by July 15, 2017 to avoid late penalties

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